In order to overcome overlaps and confusion among different M&E databases for the agriculture and rural development sector plan implementation results in pilot that developed and decent rally operated along the sector management agencies since the sector plan contents and approach renovated since 2006. Department of Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, thanks to support from MESMARD project, has continually created an integrated database for management better different information of the entire M&E system of the sector/subsector plans at the country and provincial level. 

This database is developed basing on integration of the database on sector plan with the indicator sets by sector/sub-sector and the M&E indicator set by Objective/programs of the sector plan across the country and provincial coverage. The integrated database aims at more convenient in use, access and admistration of information. It will sever for more groups of user including officials of the sector strategy and planning system under MARD and provincial DARDs, officials from external agencies/organizations of the agriculture sector as well as interested persons to the agriculture and rural development. Provision with the 2 versions of Vietnamese and English the system has proved to satisfy both local and foreign users.

The information system integrated almost of targets/indicator set from the decent database of the agriculture and rural development sector information and the M&E indicator set of the sector plan implementation as well as the M&E indicators of the administrative perform by State management agencies for the agriculture sector. Apart from the support function to the system administration, the integrated database provides tools for searching extracting information/data by the sector/sub-sector and administrative levels. The system also provides tools to create reports by the sector/sub-sector and objective/programs indicators of the sector plan as well as by the administrative management actions on agriculture. Data stored in the integrated database mainly official statistics of the sector but this system do not aim to replace the database of agricultural/rural statistics. The integrated database focus on the function of analysis, data evaluation on sectoral implementation results to support  planners in planning  and making policy of short, long- term agricultur/rural development as well as serving researcher on agriculture and rural development. Besides, the database also serve with informmation for monitoring and evaluating the performences of administrive management agencies by sector from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The system does not confine the number of indicator set in only key M&E indicators or core indicators of sectors but the coverage of data is expanded broader following available available data. The indicators are arranged according to hierarchy of the general, specific and detailed one to serve many user groups at vary levels that need the information at deferent levels.

The stored data is collected from the official statistical data, the provinces/cities’ socio-economic and the agriculture and rural development census’, and data from the rural residential living standard survey as well as those from other agencies, local. Information/data can be search, extracted and created in form of different reports by annual, some years, and are compared by time point, by sector/subsector structures and compared among various local.

This is the first integrated version and designed and put into operation by the indicator/ target set which is commonly used by most local while local particular indicator are not taken account of. In order to further improve and upgrade this database to better meet various groups of users, DOP of MARD wish to receive comments from users and agencies. Through those, we would like to consider and study for solutions to improve this integrated database to more practically meet users’ need in future./. 

Department of Planning – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.